Fermented pea protein is recommended for its digestive benefit

See What Nutrasumma is made of See What Nutrasumma is made of
In today's fast-paced world, staying fit and healthy requires exercise and sensible eating, but what is often left out is the support your body needs to accomplish this. We at Nutrasumma have developed a group of products that optimally support weekend warriors & serious athletes alike in achieving their fitness goals.
The Fermented Pea Protein Line

With Nutrasumma's fermented Pea Protein powders, bacterial strains are used to make the protein powder. During the process, the peas are exposed to the bacteria, which then breaks the carbohydrates into smaller molecules so they’re easier (and faster) for the body to digest. Most of the carbohydrate molecules are then removed, making the resulting powder high in protein.

Fermented Pea Protein 2.11 lb - Chocolate Flavor
Regular price $39.99
The Active/sport line

Nutrasumma's Active/Sport line understands that after strenuous exercise recovery is the most important in order to achieve a rested and healthy body. That is why our line has the tools in order for you to recover well, keeping you healthy, fit, and ready for your next challenge.

Fermented Pea Protein 2lb Pouch - Vanilla Flavor
Regular price $39.99

Nutrasumma's Immune Support line helps in aiding your immune system by protecting your body from any harm. By working with an intricate system of white blood cells and cytokines, it launches an attack to keep your immunity healthy and balanced.

XOS Prebiotic
Regular price $26.99
tHE WHEY + xos line

Nutrasumma's Whey+XOS is seen to be a highly desirable prebiotic due to the small effective dosage required, which minimizes gastrointestinal side effects and allows it to be easily incorporated into functional foods and dietary supplements at competitive cost per dose for the formulator.

Whey Protein with XOS Prebiotic 1lb (Vanilla Flavor)
Regular price $39.99

our top priorities

We Work With What Is Best For Your Body

Nutrasumma starts with the premise that your body is designed to optimize your health as well as it can, given what is put in and what is subjected to. Our ingredients function as a team to help your body do its job with optimum efficiency.

Just as a healthful meal contains many nutrients that work together to help us, our supplements are formulated with the same principle in mind.

We Focus On Benificial Results

It's important to look beyond having well-known ingredients represented on the label. We should consider a wide array of factors that determine how well the formula accomplishes what it is designed to do. 

We firmly believe that delivering more than we promise is a major key to success, and our formulas reflect that determination by producing results that meet or exceed the highest expectations. 

We Use Meaningful Quantities Of Ingredient

It's very common for supplement manufacturers to use good ingredients, but only in very small quantities that are effective. That is why our products use quantities and concentrations chosen to be optimally effective.

With that in mind, it is our commitment to help you have the best possible experience with all of Nutrasumma products as to better fuel your day-to-day and active lifestyles.

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