Fermented pea protein is recommended for its digestive benefit

The Fermented Pea Protein Line

With Nutrasumma's fermented Pea Protein powders, bacterial strains are used to make the protein powder. During the process, the peas are exposed to the bacteria, which then breaks the carbohydrates into smaller molecules so they’re easier (and faster) for the body to digest. Most of the carbohydrate molecules are then removed, making the resulting powder high in protein.

Fermented Pea Protein 10lb Box - Chocolate Flavor
Regular price $169.99
Fermented Pea Protein 2.11 lb - Chocolate Flavor
Regular price $39.99

Nutrasumma's Immune Support line helps in aiding your immune system by protecting your body from any harm. By working with an intricate system of white blood cells and cytokines, it launches an attack to keep your immunity healthy and balanced.

XOS Prebiotic
Regular price $26.99 Sale price $24.99
Nutrasumma Immune Defense Protein IDP®, Next Generation of Colostrum, New Zealand Sourced Immune Booster
Regular price $11.99

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