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Our products are made in the USA.

Pea Protein

The natural fermented process without adding any chemicals. Natural plant enzymes are used in the fermentation process. Fermentation allows optimum digestion and bioavailability of the protein. Also, fermented pea protein will bring you the awesome taste and nice texture!

The peas are grown in North America.

Shake or Bake!  Shake with water, your favorite beverage or fruit smoothie and more; bake yummy deserts with our different flavor pea proteins, surprise your tongue. Check out our recipes!

As you may or may not know, anything grown underground will contain heavy metals, including lead. It’s just naturally occurring in dirt. The FDA has limits and guidelines on how much is acceptable and healthy in a food product. California has even stricter rules on the amounts of heavy metals allowed to be sold in California. These California rules are known as Prop 65.

We test for heavy metals in our products from the time they’re grown until the finished protein is ready to ship to customers to guarantee the lowest heavy metals possible. They are always well below any FDA rules. However, when it comes to our chocolate, the combination of pea protein and cocoa can put us close to the California Prop 65 guidelines for lead. We follow the Prop 65 guideline, and we put this warning on our product page and place the sticker on chocolate for this reason.

Rest assured, our quality is unmatched and heavy metals are as low as possible and well below FDA guidelines.

We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause.  Currently we are working with our manufacturer to have them put a scoop into our 10lb bulk pea protein for future batches.

Here is how you measure a serving size for each flavor:

Unflavored: around 1 ¾ tablespoon

Vanilla: Full 2 tablespoons

Chocolate: 2 1/3 tablespoons

Active/Sport Products

For optimal results take 6 capsules on an empty stomach, before bed, for a 5 day period – followed by 2 days off.  You can split one dose into 3 times a day – 2 capsules at a time, if you feel 6 capsules are too many at a time. Or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

You may take them anytime.  For best results, take before/during/after exercise.  Or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Yes.  You can take them together.  Friendly reminder – all these three products contain L-Arginine, please keep an eye on your daily intake.  Common recommend daily intake for L-Arginine is 2,000mg – 3,000mg; however, for athletic performance enhancement, studies showed daily intake can be up to 6,000mg.


While many prebiotic products on the market utilize FOS and GOS, XOS stands out with unique properties including low dose efficacy, high tolerability and safety with few side effects. XOS also has the unique ability to promote superior gut balance through increasing Bifidobacterium and optimizing the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio.

Whey + XOS

Nutrasumma's Whey Protein + XOS is the only whey protein product containing XOS (xylooligosaccharides), an all-natural prebiotic scientifically proven to support beneficial bacteria in the gut.  There is more bacteria in our bodies than cells, and prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of prebiotics, and most high-protein foods (including protein powders) are not good sources of prebiotics. 

Nutrasumma addresses this challenge by adding XOS to an already-excellent whey protein concentrate, nourishing both your cells and your beneficial bacteria.

D3 Spray

Nutrasumma Vitamin D-3 spray uses the pure form of lanolin-derived Vitamin D-3 with extensive scientific backing, as opposed to irradiated forms of Vitamin D, or Vitamin D from fish oil, which may not be as pure or as safe in high doses. 

No, Nutrasumma Vitamin D3 Sprays contain no sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They are in a base of all-natural vegetable glycerine and distilled water, using no oils.

Scientific evidence shows that salivary glands contain receptor sites for Vitamin D, and some physicians are convinced that sublingual forms of Vitamin D absorb better than conventional capsules or tablets. 

Being in liquid, non-oil form, Nutrasumma's Vitamin D-3 can be consumed almost instantly, not requiring even the time it takes for a sublingual tablet to dissolve, which many consumers find to be a pleasant advantage. 

The dosage is pre-measured per spray, not requiring counting drops or estimating the amount poured onto a spoon, as required by non-spray liquidforms of Vitamin D.

Shipping & Returns

We strive for same or next-business-day fulfillment from the date an order is placed. Once your package is shipped out, It generally takes about 3-7 business days to reach you.

At this time we do not ship internationally.

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