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I started using Nutrasumma Pea Protein to keep from eating dairy/whey protein. Very good taste and no bloating. Plus I’m a follower of Ryan Humiston and if he uses it, it’s good for me.

Robby Harold
Good stuff

Good stuff i like it alot , but ill only buy on sale cause i have tight budget. First bag i bought last year i felt more good out it , this im talking now not getting same results. Shipping was fast .

Jessica Blanchard
Recommended by the Tates’ Physical Trainer

LOVE LOVE LOVE This stuff! I used to drink whey protein and unless I was getting amazing Coconut Ice Cream flavor from 1Up Nutrition.. I’d always feel my gut wasn’t happy with Whey Protein. (It is scraps you know?)

Anyway, I’m involved with TRW and Tate’s PT says that whey is fine, but if it does provide digestive issues then pea protein powder is the way to go BUT you should make sure it’s FERMENTED. Idk about you, but when someone of that caliber recommends something, I listen.

This brand is the only one I found. When my body is asking me to drink something at every available opportunity, I trust its judgement and assume it’s good for me.

Before, I’d just choose to have a shake when my body went into after work out cave man I’m effing hungry mode. I find myself using this 1-3 times daily and excusing it into my coffee.

Yes, it has sugar—which I’ve mostly cut out of my diet, but I need protein shakes with my high exercise load and if my MEGA spoon of instant coffee tastes great with one serving of protein powder it’s a win for me!

Tastes great.

Texture.. seemed grainy on day 1 but my body LOVES this so it hasn’t been an issue for me at all. I can’t even notice it anymore.

Mixabilty— super effortless. No clumping. If it sits around it can settle at the bottom of your cup but, but if you’re not slamming that protein shake like a madman.. you’re not exercising hard enough to need it anyway. Nothing a quick swirl or too won’t fix.

Digestibility—I am not against whey so I am consuming this with cow's milk or water. I just noticed that whey made me feel a little bloated or not my best after an exercise and I was in search of an alternative. Since using this.. my stomach has been shredding away after years of looking bloated. My dream body is about 96% complete and I have absolutely noticed a difference after starting this powder. It’s great to look in the mirror after a good workout and have 0 bloat from your shake.

15/10 For me. I’m not affiliated but I’ll probably share this same review on their website because in a world full of useless things for sale.. a great product deserves great credit. (I did purchase my product from Amazon)

Con: you feel like you get less when the first shipment arrives if you’re used to getting a big plastic tub of powder, and the bag arrives.

It’s all an allusion. There’s more weight per $ than any of the other proteins I have purchased and once you get used to the switch, that feeling goes away pretty quickly.


Great product for the price with excellent speed in delivery

Anna Davidson
Different taste

The last 2 bags of chocolate protein powder has had a chemical taste. I went several months without ordering after the first bag that had the chemical taste. I had hoped it was a one time thing, but this last bag I got has the same chemical taste


The Nutrasumma difference

Pea protein has become a popular alternative to whey-based protein powders in post-workout shakes and smoothies. All the same, finding a high-quality product can be a challenge.
Nutrasumma stands out from its competitors because it’s made from fermented pea protein isolate. Fermented Pea Protein Isolate contains more protein per serving comparing with pea protein concentrate with less carbs and fat.

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