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Arrived safely and in one piece. Looks legit and ready to mix. Ready for these solid gains 🙏

Graham W
Effective, additive-free, no side effects or bloating

I like to mix my Unflavoured & Unsweetened Nutrasumma with the chocolate. I can drink the unflavoured as is but I don't always have time to mix it into a smoothie with fruit. I've never experienced any side effects or bloating and I don't have to consume hordes of animal products when I supplement with Nutrasumma instead. Keep up the quality work, please.


All thriller no filler. Mixers well too!!!

10 lbs of protein

I have been adding Nutrasumma to my smoothies every morning for several years now. I decided to save some money and order the 10 lb box of protein powder. I had done this before and got 5 of the 2lb bags. This time, they delivered 10 lbs of protein powder just in a zip-tied plastic bag! I’m not sure what to do with this, since the bag isn’t re-sealable and I can’t store 10 pounds of loose powder. I love the protein powder and would recommend it, but I have to give them 3 stars due to the packaging.

Best Protein Powder Available

I’ll be a lifetime customer. The product is definitely superior to alternatives.

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The Nutrasumma difference

Pea protein has become a popular alternative to whey-based protein powders in post-workout shakes and smoothies. All the same, finding a high-quality product can be a challenge.
Nutrasumma stands out from its competitors because it’s made from fermented pea protein isolate. Fermented Pea Protein Isolate contains more protein per serving comparing with pea protein concentrate with less carbs and fat.

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