Nutrasumma Growth Supplement
Growth  Supplement
Maca: Rich in Amino Acids and Proteins
Cordyceps: Increase Energy, Enhance Stamina, and Reduce Fatigue
Nitric Oxide creates greater blood flow
Adrenal Recovery Complex fights Adrenal Fatigue

Growth Supplement

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  • HORMONE COMPLEX: Ingredients that support healthy levels of testosterone and human growth hormone, including tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, longjack and mucuna pruriens.
  • ENERGY COMPLEX: Herbs and mushrooms that fight exhaustion through their adaptogenic and energizing properties, such as, maca and cordyceps.
  • NITRIC OXIDE COMPLEX: Ingredients such as arginine AKG and ornithine AKG may increase the production of nitric oxide, a chemical compound that helps dilate the blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow to the muscles.
  • SLEEP/STRESS COMPLEX: Ingredients including ZMA, L-theanine, GABA, and 5-HTP have a relaxing and mood enhancing effect that may fight adrenal fatigue.

Customer Reviews

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Marcello Kazan

Growth Supplement

Hello Marcello,

Thank you for your review and subscription, we are so glad you like our Growth Supplement! Feel free to follow our social media channels @nutrasumma to hear about future products amd promotions!

-The Nutrasumma Team

cleve bettis

Great product that helps with recovery and improvement after exercising and work weeks.

Hello Cleve,

Thank you so much for your comment! And thank you for your continued support. You are more than welcome to subscribe to our website for more recipe information and a 10% off welcome discount!

-The Nutrasumma Team

Jac Boyles
Finally...a product that really works!

I started taking AMINO CLEAR 2 months ago. Could notice an immediate effect the 1st day at the gym. Could lift more weight and with much more ease. Left the gym really pumped. I started using GROWTH a week ago because I can't sleep well all through the night. I wake repeatedly and sometimes can't get back to sleep. I noticed the many reviews how others had great results with sleeping better on Amazon's verified website. Not only am I sleeping better but my body is responding MUCH better at the gym! I look much leaner and more muscular after only 1 week. I've been fitness training and nutritionally aware much of my life since being diagnosed as HIV positive at 31 yrs of age. I'm going to be 67 in May and everyone says I look great and much younger than a man of my years. I've used many products over the years with little results. I eat mostly organic and as natural as possible. No boxes, processed or drive through! Thanks Nutrasumma for natural and minimally processed supplements that actually work!!
Jack Boyles


We are so happy to know that our products have really helped your personal health. We truly appreciate your business and hope to see you on our site soon! - The Nutrasumma Team

Jim Oerther
A Great Product to Combat Andropause

I am over 55 and I have found that this is a great product to help me deal with andropause.

Hi Jim,

We are so happy that you like the product and the product can help!! That's what we are here for! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

All the best,
Nutrasumma Team


This supplement does what it claims, better sleep, increased performance in the gym and bedroom, improved mood, and building lean muscle!


We are so happy to know that our Growth Supplement has really helped your personal health. We truly appreciate your business and hope to see you on our site soon once again! - The Nutrasumma Team

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