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Taste terrible, haven’t touched it.

J. Wilson
The best

Tried and tested every Protien powder that exist over the last 2 decades. Unfortunately, my stomache has become increasingly more sensitive and can no longer take whey or artificial flavoring. Thankfully, I found this fermented pea protein and it is magical. No issues at all. Goes down well, taste good, and gives me what I need nutritionally!
Hands down the best!

Graham W
Effective, additive-free, no side effects or bloating

I've reviewed this before but got an invite to do another. Still loving the product. I'm able to supplement protein without having to eat more chicken or other lean meat animals. It is tasty (chocolate) and I mix it with a bit of the all-natural flavour protein powder if I'm going to have more than one in a day. I'm not great with whey products so this is a perfect alternative without getting gassy or bloated.

Mike H

This showed up promptly after ordering 14 days ago. I ate the whole box already. I know it 10 ibs but I have no self control.

John Tann
Great flavor and texture

Bought a 2lb bag to give it a try and quickly bought 20lbs…


The Nutrasumma difference

Pea protein has become a popular alternative to whey-based protein powders in post-workout shakes and smoothies. All the same, finding a high-quality product can be a challenge.
Nutrasumma stands out from its competitors because it’s made from fermented pea protein isolate. Fermented Pea Protein Isolate contains more protein per serving comparing with pea protein concentrate with less carbs and fat.

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