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Do not purchase subscriptions with Nutrasumma

They use dark design patterns to make it next to impossible to locate and manage your subscriptions and the customer service is basically non existent. I’ve sent multiple emails over the last few weeks and have received nothing in return, not even an automated confirmation that they got my support request. I was able to locate my subscriptions page myself after much trial and error and I cancelled my subscription even though I liked the protein powder because they clearly don’t prioritize the customer experience over making money.


Great product for the price with excellent speed in delivery

Anna Davidson
Different taste

The last 2 bags of chocolate protein powder has had a chemical taste. I went several months without ordering after the first bag that had the chemical taste. I had hoped it was a one time thing, but this last bag I got has the same chemical taste

scott hogben
Didn't get the discount

Love your product. But I used a discount code and did not get the discount. I had sent you a note regarding it. Please help. Thank you.


Very gentle on my digestive system. Other Proteins have made me bloat in the past, but that is not an issue with this product and it taste great!!!!


The Nutrasumma difference

Pea protein has become a popular alternative to whey-based protein powders in post-workout shakes and smoothies. All the same, finding a high-quality product can be a challenge.
Nutrasumma stands out from its competitors because it’s made from fermented pea protein isolate. Fermented Pea Protein Isolate contains more protein per serving comparing with pea protein concentrate with less carbs and fat.

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