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Bob Baker
Maltodextrin Warning!

This was a perfect Prebiotic product until someone pointed out to me in the fine print that they are using gut harming ingredient Maltodextrin. Cleveland Clinic Researchers have linked Maltodextrin to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis. The additive alters gut bacteria. Normal digestive process with Maltodextrin causes the bacteria to adhere to the layers of cells that line the intestines. The other side effect is Maltodextrin's impact on blood sugar. While it is seen as low in sugar, Maltodextrin has a glycemic value of 95-136! In comparison, table sugar has a glycemic value of 65. The reason I want to take a Prebiotic is to help gut health, not harm it. I hope Nutrasumma removes this ingredient ASAP so I can resume buying this product!

Amer Awan

XOS Prebiotic

Peggy Bartlett
Love it

Works great. Tasteless and mixes well in beverages.

Was super excited, but ultimately not for me

Decided to buy because of an in person recommendation by someone who had a positive experience. Unfortunately both myself and partner did not see any benefits. Took one packet a day for almost a week.. caused horrible runs each day. Ultimately had to stop taking. Did the opposite to my partner, backed up for days. Partner never had any issues prior to taking this. Guess it only jives with some folks digestive system / provides them the missing link in their digestive chain. Not for us though. Wish I didn’t buy so many boxes upfront. Live and learn I guess.

Julie Adlen
Very helpful to keep digestion regular

I take it every morning in my tea. Definitely can feel the difference if I skip a day. Just purchased the individual packets too for travel.

All sourced from North America

Nutrasumma uses Fermented Pea Protein Isolate, a very good source that contains all 9essential amino acids for the human body. The protein itself is vegan-friendly, Non-GMO, Dairy& Soy free, all sourced from North America and manufactured in factories following cGMPStandards.

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