The Advantages of Proline-Rich Polypepetides (PRPs)

The Advantages of Proline-Rich Polypepetides (PRPs)

Proline-Rich Polypeptides are extremely small chains of 10 amino acids or less, notably proline, that nonetheless have a very powerful effect in initiating and balancing our immune responses. Cow's milk within 24 hours after calving, that is, bovine colostrum is also called the essence of milk. Bovine colostrum has high protein content and low fat and sugar content, and is rich in nutrients, a large number of immune factors and growth factors. Experiments have proved that it has various functions such as immune regulation, improving gastrointestinal tract, promoting growth and development, and improving aging. It is also known as the health food of the 21st century.

It is well-known that the nutrient in bovine colostrum is immunoglobulin IgG. Few people know about Proline-rich Polypepetides (PRPs), which is the same important nutrient as IgG. PRPs are a class of biologically active peptides that are enriched in proline (about 25%), and are also called transfer factors. Human saliva and plasma contain a small amount of PRPs, mainly in the colostrum produced by the mother after giving birth. When our body is under intense stress, it will prompt the cells to enhance the immune response. In the opposite case, a healthy immune system responds appropriately to environmental factors during cell production. PRPs help stimulate the underactive immune system and lower the overactive immune system. It inhibits the excessive production of inflammatory cells and reduces important allergies and autoimmune system diseases: pain, swelling and inflammation.

In addition, because among the many animal colostrums, the colostrum from cows has exactly the same amino acid arrangement as the PRPs of the human body, so PRPs can play a role in balancing the human immune system. Exogenous supplementation of health products has also become the only way to ingest a large amount of PRPs.  Studies also show that PRPs can be used in Alzheimer’s disease therapy as PRPs protest the brain and even boost brain function. 

Proline-Rich Polypeptides are not species specific. PRPs from bovine work on all mammals, including humans, dogs and cats. As PRPs are produced by all mammals and is an entirely natural product, it is generally thought to be safe for all ages. However, lactose is usually associated with PRPs and therefore those with milk intolerance may need to proceed with caution. The addition of lactase, the milk sugar digesting enzyme, may ameliorate lactose intolerance.

PRPs also delicate immune system changes occur following conception and during pregnancy. Specifically, there is a shift to TH2 dominance to inhibit the mother's immune system from over responding to the different DNA of the new life now inside her. Although there are no known reports of colostrum's interference with full and normal gestation, until further investigation assures safety, Center for Nutritional Research and Sovereign Health Initiative suggest pregnant women and women hoping to conceive should avoid PRP-rich colostrum products unless suggested by their doctor. 

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