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    Zak Scott

    Hi, my name is Zak Scott, I’m 18 years old and am a natural bodybuilder. Growing up, I was always overweight. Going to high school with this problem didn’t make it any better. I started working out, trying to make a change to my body. After months and months of dedication and hard work, it started to pay off. I lost a ton of weight, ended up losing around 40 lbs. To everyone, I looked great, but to me, I felt skinny. Too skinny. I started reading a bunch of magazines and articles on building muscle, and that is how I found my love and passion for bodybuilding. People can say whatever they like about me, but what really matters is how I feel about myself. Bodybuilding is an amazing sport that lets one focus on one’s self and their goals, as well as personal growth.

    Zak Scott


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